How to Make Money With Your Twitter account

February 12th, 2012

Make money with Twitter is easy if you have enough follwers. Like everything else on internet, when you have traffic, you make money. On Twitter, the most important thing to make money from your Twitter account is your followers. With a lot of followers, you can really make money.

Here’s the my experience of making money with my twitter accounts using the service of Sponsored Tweets.I have tried these with a few accounts, and found that they are pretty decent. They send regular offers to me, and I can accept or decline the offers. If I accept an ad to run on  Twitter, I then write a short tweet and submit it. If the advertiser accepts the ad it will then auto post to my Twitter account.


You just need to sign-up and create your free account at Sponsored Tweets, set your tweet price and wait for offers from advertisers. More number of followers you have, higher the price you can charge. now you are ready to receive requests from the advertisers.

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you can also refer your friends to SponsoredTweets and earn percentage of their Internet earnings. All referred members will give you extra 10% of the money they earn. This means that if you refer 5 friends, who will sooner or later request their first payments at SponsoredTweets, you will end up getting 25$ as a referral bonus.

To know more, Click to visit SponsoredTweets’s website.

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Twitter Advertising Guide – Advertise on Twitter

February 3rd, 2012

Sponsored Tweets is a Twitter advertising platform that connects advertisers with tweeters. The site provides robust targeting and detailed analytics.

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How SponsoredTweets Works

1. Create an Opportunity

Provide information about the message you want to spread and what type of people you want to spread it.

2. Determine High-Level Segmentation

Filter for tweeters based on followers, ratio, country of residence and more.You have the ability to hand pick the Tweeters that participate in your campaign.
You can choose lots of celebrites as your tweeters. Celebrities not only have large amounts of followers, their followers are highly engaged. Celebrities tend to have very high Follower Activation Rates. Celebrities can drive huge amounts of traffic and significantly influence purchase decisions.

3. Make Offers

Advertise on Twitter

SponsoredTweets provide you with a list of Tweeters that meet your criteria. Look through the list, drill down on information and make offers to the people you pick.Advertisers have the ability to control when tweets are released. This allows you to schedule a large scale campaign and release all of your tweets at once or within a certain window of time.

4. Measure Results

SponsoredTweets provide you with detailed tracking information for each campaign with Built-In Stats. See how many people you reached, how many people clicked and who delivered the best value.If you use Google Analytics you will love Sponsored Tweets. Simply click the “Use Google Analytics” checkbox when you setup your campaign to enable tracking.

How do I sign up?

To signup, just head over to the advertiser signup page and create an account. You’ll login using an email address and password you choose, and additionally you can link your account with your Twitter account. If you decide to link your account, Tweeters will be able to visit it to learn more about your company. Also, you’ll be able to login using email/password, or using Twitter Oauth.

Click  to sign up SponsoredTweets.

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Sponsored Tweets Review, Is It a Scam?

February 3rd, 2012

Sponsored Tweets Review

Sponsored Tweets is a fairly simple concept. You just sign-up as a Tweeter, with your Twitter sign-in information, then wait for Advertisers to “hire” you. If you’re a Tweeter that’s relevant to their product, brand, or service, and the price is something they’re willing to pay, then they’ll send you an invitation to work with them. You can either choose to work with them, or decline the offer. If you choose to work with the Advertiser, then you’ll get paid afterward.

And sponsored Tweets has an exclusive program designed for celebrities who are active on Twitter and would like to connect with potential sponsors.Celebrity accounts are limited to those people who are famously recognized by the media within a segment of society. Lots of Celebrities already received special promotional consideration in Sponsored Tweets.

Referral program tips

Referring people to Sponsored Tweets is quite simple. First, sign in to your account. On the right-hand side of the page you’ll see a button that reads “join our referral program”. Next, click the button and you’ll then be taken to a page explaining how the referral program works. Here you can also keep track of the people you’ve referred. But You will not earn any money until your referral makes a successful transaction, it’s based on the influence of the person you’re referring: the larger the number of Followers the more money that person will earn through Sponsored Tweets, which will in turn mean you earn more money.

To know more, Click  to visit SponsoredTweets’s website.


Tweet Adder – How to Get More Twitter Followers Fast

February 2nd, 2012

Tweet Adder is a professional friend follower tool that will enable users to get over 1000 new followers each day.

By using Tweet Adder correctly you can effectively market your website by:

* Increasing your website traffic and sales
* Enhancing Personal & Business Line of Communication
* Building a Powerful Network not just Followers
* Finding Resources and Joint Venture Partners on Twitter
* Test New Marketing Ideas on Twitter
* Capturing the Power of Twitter the Easy Way
* Establish a Customer Base

One of the easiest ways to increase your visitors and start off producing sales by way of twitter is to target each and every single follower that you add. Also you are going to have to produce a new account around every single item you might be going to promote. You wouldn’t need to have a twitter profile that revolves around bodybuilding and then begin posting tweets that promote coach purses.

As it is possible to see doing the above would defiantly not bring really very good outcomes. But on the other hand should you had been promoting a brand new bodybuilding supplement then you would be making a killing..

one fantastic thing about tweet adder is you are able to totally automate your twitter accounts. You are able to set the software to login to your account, send a certian number of request, reply to direct messages and tweets, every day at 11am if you want. So you are able to literally go on vacation and let your twitter account create every single single day your gone.
Is There A Free Trial For Tweet Adder?

Fantastic question. Yes, definitely. You are able to go to the website and download the program for no cost and use all the attributes and test it out for yourself. The trial version will put a limit on the number of people you are able to add to follow but it is enough that you will recognize how the thing works. So you are able to try some Twitter advertising withour buying.

Even so, once you do determine to obtain Tweet Adder you truly need to get the upgrade so that you are able to automate 10 accounts. This is actually where the fast outcomes come in. Take into consideration it. You are going to be able to add literally tens of thousands of men and women to follow just the first day. And all those people who follow you back will not only get a Thank You message from you, but it is possible to then communicate with any of them at will. You’ll be able to build a list of thousands and thousands in just a couple weeks. Never will you have a shortage of men and women to contact, that I can promise you.

To discover more about Tweet Adder and how you are able to get over 3800 new followers in 10 days click the image below.


TweetAttacks – Twitter Marketing Software With Results Even Without Followers!

February 1st, 2012

TweetAttacks is a new twitter marketing software that doesn’t care about twitter API or its limitations. TweetAttacks uses a regular web browser just like you would when you visit twitter on Internet explorer or safari. Now there no way for twitter to know that your using a bot or software to automate everything you do on twitter. You can Tweets, follow and unfollow requests are done using your web browser to appear more natural. It is a powerful tool that help you sleep well at night and get more and more money while you do. And it will never get Your Account Banned.

You can auto-follow people using targeted keywords with tweetattacks.

Twitter is growing insanely fast, and Twitter users are often Tweeting incredible leads .In twitter there are millions of Tweets that are asking for a reply. TweetAttacks will wait for your targeted keyword to appear in the twitter live search and automatically reply with your offer. Replies will appear very natural. They will be posted via the WEB NOT THE API and it will look like being posted by a REAL HUMAN.

Do you use many twitter accounts and want to build followers in all of them?

Its hard to do that manually and you should at least automate it using some free or paid twitter marketing softwares. TweetAttacks will build THOUSANDS of VERY TARGETED and REAL HUMAN FOLLOWERS in few days. You can unfollow users who haven’t followed you back for a specific number of days. You can Retweet any tweet from among thousands of accounts but this is just the beginning.

Twitter Marketing Software

This twitter marketing software have the following features

Drive thousands of real human traffic a day even without followers
Get results even without followers
Build thousands of followers without worrying on API limits
Send direct messages to your followers in a push of a button
Post and schedule thousands of tweets without worrying on API limits
Reply on thousands of users looking for your offers on autopilot
The very first twitter marketing software that DOES NOT USE THE API and compatible with the #newtwitter
With advance inteliggence to determine real people
Use unlimited number of accounts
NO Monthly Fees
FREE updates for life
The most complete and powerful Twitter Software Available

The creators of this TweetAttacks software claim using it is as natural as using itself. To find out more about this software please visit TweetAttacks.

Twitter Marketing Software