How to Make Money With Your Twitter account

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Make money with Twitter is easy if you have enough follwers. Like everything else on internet, when you have traffic, you make money. On Twitter, the most important thing to make money from your Twitter account is your followers. With a lot of followers, you can really make money.

Here’s the my experience of making money with my twitter accounts using the service of Sponsored Tweets.I have tried these with a few accounts, and found that they are pretty decent. They send regular offers to me, and I can accept or decline the offers. If I accept an ad to run on  Twitter, I then write a short tweet and submit it. If the advertiser accepts the ad it will then auto post to my Twitter account.


You just need to sign-up and create your free account at Sponsored Tweets, set your tweet price and wait for offers from advertisers. More number of followers you have, higher the price you can charge. now you are ready to receive requests from the advertisers.

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you can also refer your friends to SponsoredTweets and earn percentage of their Internet earnings. All referred members will give you extra 10% of the money they earn. This means that if you refer 5 friends, who will sooner or later request their first payments at SponsoredTweets, you will end up getting 25$ as a referral bonus.

To know more, Click to visit SponsoredTweets’s website.

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