TweetAttacks – Twitter Marketing Software With Results Even Without Followers!

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TweetAttacks is a new twitter marketing software that doesn’t care about twitter API or its limitations. TweetAttacks uses a regular web browser just like you would when you visit twitter on Internet explorer or safari. Now there no way for twitter to know that your using a bot or software to automate everything you do on twitter. You can Tweets, follow and unfollow requests are done using your web browser to appear more natural. It is a powerful tool that help you sleep well at night and get more and more money while you do. And it will never get Your Account Banned.

You can auto-follow people using targeted keywords with tweetattacks.

Twitter is growing insanely fast, and Twitter users are often Tweeting incredible leads .In twitter there are millions of Tweets that are asking for a reply. TweetAttacks will wait for your targeted keyword to appear in the twitter live search and automatically reply with your offer. Replies will appear very natural. They will be posted via the WEB NOT THE API and it will look like being posted by a REAL HUMAN.

Do you use many twitter accounts and want to build followers in all of them?

Its hard to do that manually and you should at least automate it using some free or paid twitter marketing softwares. TweetAttacks will build THOUSANDS of VERY TARGETED and REAL HUMAN FOLLOWERS in few days. You can unfollow users who haven’t followed you back for a specific number of days. You can Retweet any tweet from among thousands of accounts but this is just the beginning.

Twitter Marketing Software

This twitter marketing software have the following features

Drive thousands of real human traffic a day even without followers
Get results even without followers
Build thousands of followers without worrying on API limits
Send direct messages to your followers in a push of a button
Post and schedule thousands of tweets without worrying on API limits
Reply on thousands of users looking for your offers on autopilot
The very first twitter marketing software that DOES NOT USE THE API and compatible with the #newtwitter
With advance inteliggence to determine real people
Use unlimited number of accounts
NO Monthly Fees
FREE updates for life
The most complete and powerful Twitter Software Available

The creators of this TweetAttacks software claim using it is as natural as using itself. To find out more about this software please visit TweetAttacks.

Twitter Marketing Software


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